Select Event
09_23_$1000 to win Clarksville Speedway
08_20_$1000 to win Windy Hollow
08_12_$1000 to win Clarksville
08_11_$1000 to win Paducah
07_22_$2000 to win at Thunderhill
07_15_JR Knight Memorial Race - Clarksville
06_10_Clarksville $1000 to win
05_25_Thursday Night Thunder
05_13_Clarksville $1000 to win
05_12_Paducah 1000 to win
04_15_Thunder Hill $1000 to win
04_01_$1000 to win QS 602 Late Models
03_11_19th Annual Tuckasee Toilet Bowl Classic
03_10_Plunger Night - Friday Toilet Bowl